Sunday, January 20, 2008

A plethora of bicycles

delayed post from Friday afternoon

Yeah, I like The Three Amigos as a kid and the "plethora of pinatas" scene is one that always made me laugh.

In this case I'm borrowing the line to refer to the extreme number of other cyclists I encountered on my trip home on Friday. I'm used to seeing a bike or two on the way home, usually a low-end MTB being used for pure utility transport. Friday though I saw seven different cyclists, of all varieties. First two, not riding together, were messenger-looking guys. Since I was in downtown and it was early afternoon (about 3:00 PM) I'd be willing to guess they were at the end of the working day. Other thing than look that makes me thing "messenger" was the way they both drifted partway across an intersection, against the light, and held position in the middle until cars had passed to let them keep going.

Next couple of riders I saw were the traditional, low-end MTB. Young twentysomething on one and an older, weathered guy on the other. Again, not riding together. In fact, the older guy was riding the wrong way in traffic. Typical Baltimore riding, although he was all the way over instead of in the middle of the road like most. Something about the MTB riders in town, I guess they figure the paint lines that separate the traffic directions are there as a guide for where they ride.

Last three were together, some kids on bikes outside a rowhouse. Just kids being kids, hanging out talking to the woman in the house.

I don't know why there were some many riders out on Friday. The weather was nicer than it's been for a while, but it wasn't great. I could see if it was warm, the way it was a few weeks back, but it was just "not cold". Oh well, who cares what caused it, it was nice to see some fellow travelers.

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