Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Commute 1/23/08

Time of departure 7:55
Temperature 34F

A little cold, but warmer than the weekend. I'm still trying to figure out something that will keep my eyes from tearing from the cold/wind on my morning commute. There's a decent downhill which lasts for close to a third of the trip and I always end up squinting to keep the tearing to a minimum. The goggles I have for the rain won't do any good - they're vented motorcycle goggles which let air in around the lenses to keep them from fogging up. Sunglasses don't work and most of the time it's a wee bit too dim for me to be comfortable with shades on. Oh well.

Today will be a one-way commute. A friend emailed me last night to say she had some staff passes to a pre-showing of the U2 3D IMAX concert flick at the Maryland Science Center. Downside is that I'll be stuck at work an hour or so longer waiting to get picked up, upside is I'm going to the show with a couple of my best friends from school, who happen to be very attractive ladies.

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