Monday, January 14, 2008

Commute 1/14/08

Time of departure: 7:15
Temperature: 45

A little chilly but not too bad this morning. I'm more concerned about the rain that might be coming down. Packing the messenger bag was a little rough. First, I had a lot of papers that I had taken home from work on Friday, hoping to get some things worked on over the weekend. A lot, as in, close to a five inch high pile. And how much work was done? Not much. Basically, there's a slightly different direction to planning (that's what I do in real life, pandemic influenza planning) that I wanted to try out and since it's not what had been agreed upon at work I figured I do it at home. Well, I didn't so I guess it will wait for next week.

On top of the gigantic pile of papers (mainly articles and other jurisdiction plans) I have my lunch. Since I'm trying to control what I eat packing a lunch is very important. In the past two weeks I've lost close to 10 pounds, mainly by changing my eating habits. I didn't do my shopping over the weekend, so I'm missing the bag of apples that normally sits on my desk, which meant I had to come up with an alternative snack. All I had at home that fit the bill was a couple of grilled sweet potatoes from Friday, so I stuck one into the deeper Tupperware and I'll have that. Lunch is usually two sandwiches, eaten about an hour and a half apart and normally with a piece of 2% string cheese. Well, again, thanks to not shopping I have no string cheese. All this means is that my lunch is bulkier than normal but will actually be smaller.

So now I have: 1) the big @$$ pile of papers, and 2) two Tupperware containers. Added to that is my rain gear, in the case just the pants because it's cool enough to wear the pea coat, and reflective vest which I like to wear if I'm riding in the dark or rain, since the pea coat is black. I could barely get the bungie wrapped around the rack. Going home will be easier. No papers, the Tupperware can be stuck inside one another.

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