Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New toys, part 2

Yesterday I finished hooking the Raleigh up to the trainer and took it for a spin. After a short test ride earlier in the day I took a slightly longer one later. Today, again, I did about an hour on it.

I can say that it's not quite as good as riding outside. For one thing, it feels like there's a slight angle to the thing, like the bike is tilted over to the right. Not enough that I can see it, it just feels a little odd. I keep twisting the handlebars over to the right to try and counter it, then straightening them back out. Maybe I'll get used to it. That or I'll figure out that it is indeed tilted and to something to fix it.

As part of getting the Raleigh hooked up to the trainer I moved the computer sensor to the rear wheel, That way I can still record "miles" ridden in addition to the cadence and kcal data that I'm getting. Because it's a wireless unit I've had to move the computer itself onto the top tube. Since the main thing I have it for is recording the full ride (as opposed to doing laps or watching time/speed/cadence for some sort of goal) it's okay. I may get tired of having it there, but for using the trainer at least it's either there or no mileage.

I am still waiting for the rollers and front wheel riser to arrive, so for now at least I'm getting some good use out of the Baltimore Yellow Book. Most use I've gotten out of the thing since it was dumped on my porch a few months back.

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