Thursday, January 10, 2008

No commute 1/10/08

Today I have to run some errands, of the larger/farther variety so I drove in. If I had been able to get up at the right time I would have been able to bike and then head back out with the truck after I got home. The tightest issue is getting to the post office by 5 to pick up my rollers. I'm getting used to riding the trainer, and now I'll have the rollers to play with too. Hopefully that will keep me on the bike enough.

The main reason I had trouble getting up today is that I've started running again. A few years ago I did a few sprint triathlons in the Bay Area series "Tri For Fun". They were a blast, and then I stopped training. I'm getting back into it as part of my general regiment, and have signed up for a race in the spring. It's part of the LA Triathlon Championship Series, at the end of April. Why LA? Because my older brother, who recently completed his first Iron Man (#1257), lives out there and is going to run the race with me. That gives me added incentive to get off my butt and be in decent shape for it. I could completed it, as I am now, by walking the whole of the run. Doing the race with Kent out there means I've got to make a decent showing of it.

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