Friday, January 4, 2008

Commute 1/4/08

Time of departure: 7:00
Temperature: 22F

About the same temperature as yesterday, but for some reason my ears didn't hurt as badly today. I remembered to adjust the front brake tension last night so it worked much better. I think I may have gone a little too far with it though, since I barely have to pull the handle to feel the braking. Oh well, it's a simple adjustment. I'll play a little more when I get home.

Somehow I killed my front tire, again, a few blocks from work. It dropped the way it has in the past - going from fine to flat in less than a block. The only part of this that is bothering me is that I have a liner in the tire and I didn't see anything on a quick inspection. Since I no longer have functional tire levers (had a plastic set, broke one of them trying to put a too-small whitewall tire on about a month ago) that means a trip to a bike shop of some sort over the weekend. I also don't have a pump with me (I bought a CO2 inflator and can't get it to work right, maybe I'm just dumb) so I'll have to hoof it a few blocks to the closest gas station with air and pump up there.

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