Monday, May 19, 2008

Headwind and laundry

Riding into work this morning I hit a nasty headwind. Thankfully, my ride to work is primarily down a slight slope so the wind didn't matter much. Other than the breeze it was a great morning for a ride. I was up a little earlier than normal so traffic was light, the predicted (Sat) rain blew itself out last night so the sky was clear, and it was a beautiful 55 or so.

This week my dad and younger brother are visiting, so I don't have much choice about riding to work. I want to leave my truck at the house in case they decide to go out and do something. That does mean that I'll be picking up my dry cleaning on my bike today. I have an idea of how I'm going to carry it and it will be interesting to see if my plan works.

I have a rear rack with folding Wald grocery baskets on either side. My plan is to hook the hangers on the bottom of the basket on the right (drive) side of the bike. That basket will be closed. I'll then drape the items across the rack and down into the basket on the left (non-drive) side, which will be open. Hopefully it works.

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