Monday, May 12, 2008

Bike to work week, Day One

So today kicks off bike to work week. I initially thought I wouldn't be riding, significant day notwithstanding, because of a remote off-site meeting this morning. However, since I forgot the clothes that I was going to take to the cleaner near work I figured I should go home and get my bike instead of driving. I am glad I did.

My house is between my meeting and work, so I would have driven right past my bike to get into work. As I said, I was planning on taking some clothes into the cleaner (since I was thinking I'd be driving I wanted to fit in other errands) and I forgot them. Because of that I got to ride in the light mist, on relatively empty roads. Commuting at noon, instead of 8 AM, was a breeze. Easy to catch lights, not as many cars, not as many buses, it was great.

I have determined that I need spats of some kind if I'm riding in the rain. I have full rain pants that I wore, and they do the job. I also have full fenders which work great, but like all fenders they seem to leave my shoes vulnerable. I know many people who add a leather or rubber mud-flap to the bottom, but I just love the clean look of an un-flapped fender.

Decisions, decisions

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