Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bike to work week, Day Three

Today was absolutely beautiful. Sunny, warm but not humid, and the traffic seemed lighter. It may be because I laid in bed for an hour because I just didn't feel like getting up. The ride home will probably be overly warm, but I may end up stuck in my office late this afternoon.

I did see a confusing wrong way cyclist this morning. As I was coming down the mild hill I saw a safety-jacketed (neon lime) guy riding uphill. He was on my side of the road (strike one) and on the sidewalk (strike two). My first thought was that he was a newbie, someone who had gotten excited by Bike to Work Week and hopped on an old 10 speed, grabbed the jacket from a bike shop because he was concerned about safety, and went for it. As I got closer though it was clear that he was a semi-experienced rider and his bike was equipped for touring. He had large, nice look panniers on the back, apparently filled with work clothes (he was in shorts) and he had the physique (at least the legs) of a regular rider. He was too focused on his climb to see me, or I would have said something.

Unfortunately, I have trainings and meetings tomorrow at far to great a distance (would be 60 + miles round trip) to ride to, as much as I would love to take the LHT out on the road. I will be riding Friday though, if only to see what the shindig in front of City Hall will be.

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