Friday, May 16, 2008

Bike to work week, Day Five

Made it back on my bike today, since today is the official "Bike 2 Work Day" in Baltimore. (Side note, WTF is there a number in there? are Balti-morons really so thick that they don't know what "to" means. Sorry, pet peeve.)

It's nasty today, pretty heavy rain, but there was still a decent crowd at the rally point at City Hall. Because of the rain I didn't bring my camera, but I would say when I rolled through around 7:45 there were 20-30 people chewing on bagels and chatting. Some were under the tents, some were out in the rain. A rough estimate (going on stereotyping from outfits) would be that a little more than half were messengers of some kind. There were also a few older guys in old-school heavy yellow slickers, and a whole mess of bikes. Some were locked to benches, lightposts, anything around, and a lot were just propped up on stuff or sitting free on kickstands.

I didn't drag my @$$ out of bed for it, but there was supposed to be a little shindig and ride with Mayor Dixon. I like my morning rides but I'm not getting up two hours early in the rain just to go on a little ride with the Mayor and some dud from the Oriels.

There wasn't a lot of swag being given out. I know some BtW events give a lot of stuff. I got a canvas tote (which I then managed to get filthy by setting it down on the little shelf where I lock up while it was wet) and a t-shirt. It looks like they had sponsors for the event in general (REI, Adventure Cycling) and then each jurisdiction (surrounding counties and Baltimore City) have other sponsors listed under the name of the jurisdiction. I'm guessing that if I hit one of the rallies in one of the surrounding counties (Harford has the most sponsors) there might have been other stuff. I'll put pics of the shirt and (now messy) tote when I get home.

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