Sunday, August 23, 2009

International Win For Susan Day

I've written about Elden and Susan more than once, and won't repeat. Head to his blog, check him out. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, David Schloss over at Bike Hugger declared Sunday 23 Aug "International Win For Susan Day" and encouraged all supporters to get out and have a ride in their Fatty gear, upload it to Twitter, and donate to LAF.

Since I don't tweet, I'm doing it here.
No, I wasn't having a bad day. I was just trying to catch a quick pic of myself as we were heading out after grabbing coffee at the halfway point in the ride.

The picture was taken on my first ride with the Cherry City Cyclists, a local club. It was my first club ride, with this club or any. It was a mellow ride, which I used to work on my cadence training rather than anything else. It was different for me to ride at someone else's pace for that long. The last time I did group rides it was with a group of friends who would stop periodically and regroup, but other than that we broke up and rode in smaller groups. Something new to get used to.


  1. I had only been following Fatty's blog for a few months before Susan basically started her final struggle. It was heartbreaking - even though I didn't really know them - to read about. It gave him a lot of time to get mentally prepared for it though, and I think he is doing marvelously well given the circumstances.

    On a side note, what kind of mirror is that attached to your helmet? It looks a good bit sturdier than any I've seen so far.

  2. The mirror is part of a package deal with the helmet, a Bell Metro. It's one of the commuter helmets, and has a pile of different accessories.

    Funny you should ask though, because it was a subject of discussion before we headed out on the ride.

  3. Too bad, Bell seems to be only making the Citi helmet now. I'd looked at the Metro quite a while ago but didn't get one as I already had a helmet. I don't think the Citi has the accessory kit that the Metro had. Why do manufacturers and retailers always conspire to stop offering products that are good (usually right about the time I discover them)?

  4. I stand corrected, REI has a mirror for the Citi:

  5. Hey - can a brotha get an update?