Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday weigh-in: Week 1

I'm a week into my diet program and it's working about as well as I'd expect. I don't have an "official" weight since I'm on the road for work this week and missed my group session. Also, there is a significant difference between the program scale and mine, with mine weighing almost 10 pounds lighter. Next week I'll adjust my scale (if I can - haven't looked to see how yet) but I want to do it by weighing for the group, then coming home and weighing right then in the same clothes/condition, then making any adjustments. Either way, I figure it will still be good for tracking the direction/degree of weight change, which so far is all the right way.

If you're unfamiliar with PhysicsDiet, it's a free tool for tracking weight change. It's a little different, in that you're supposed to weigh daily for their system to work. I won't get into the details, but it involves a sliding exponential average of your weight and all sorts of other fancy math. The idea is to generate a trend line (blue on the graph above) and then show the daily weights as either green or red (losing/gaining, respectively) compared to the trend line. The end result is you get a better feel for the total direction of your progress even if you hit a plateau or have some "noise". There is also a "best fit line" (black), but I'm not all that sure about why you need to know it, and the site says that if your weight is going down (mine is, that's why there's lots of green - the shaded area is the difference between my reported weight and the mathematical average) all you need to watch is the average.

Something that I have also done, beyond the nutrition program, is join the gym near my work. They have a lot of classes, including a spin/TRX program I'm interested in and Masters swimming. My goal is to be there all five work days for some combination of classes and showering after a bike to work.

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