Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday weigh-in: Week 2

A little late getting it up, but today is still Wednesday...

I was a little concerned about what the trip to the group was going to show. I'll be quite honest here and say that I haven't stuck to the fast as rigorously as I should, as in I've had real food a couple of times, and my exercise hasn't kicked in full-bore yet. Also, I had no clue what the difference between my scale and the program scale was.

All that lead up, and it was good news. I'm down 11.8 pounds total (2 weeks) which is slightly above the average of 5lbs/week. I also learned (by checking) that my scale is within a few tenths of the program scale, so no more worries there. Once I get into a regular exercise schedule I should see the weight start falling more rapidly, but at this rate (5.9 lbs/week) I'll hit my goal in 11 more weeks, right in line with the 14-16 I thought it would take. I rode earlier in the week, and have an appointment with the trainer tomorrow afternoon. Next week I'll be starting a couple of classes at the gym, which will get me over there regularly (and whoop my @$$), which I need if I want to speed up the loss.

There's still a difference of a couple of pounds (about 3) between my scale weight and what the PhysicsDiet graph is coming up with. My guess is that this is because my loss isn't all that great compared to my total weight, and that the longer I keep up the same rate of loss the closer their average will get to my actual weight. This time around it's also a lot easier to see the benefit of the smoothing that the rolling average of their system puts into place. I didn't go above the average (all green points) but the spike where I was out of town and not weighing or exercising didn't really impact the overall trend. I also have a feeling that I pulled a Homer Simpson ("Dad, towel rack") on 9 Aug, there's really no good reason why I would have dropped two pounds and then have it show right back up and begin tracking slowly down from there. Had it been an up-tick it would make more sense. Oh well, it all comes out in the wash.


  1. I wish you luck on your endeavor. Though I will caution you not to get dismayed if the weight loss tapers off. From personal experience, I lost 20 lbs in 2 months. 8 of that was in the first week. Once my body got used to my diet and exercise regimen, it slowed quite a bit. Still 20 lbs in 2 months is about the limit of how quickly I wanted to drop it. I actually lost more fat than that though as I was lifting pretty heavy during that timeframe and did put on some muscle mass.

    Sadly, that was several years ago and now it's about time I get back on it as I've put it back on in the last year.

  2. I figure it will flatten out (the rate but not the weight loss) and the program I'm in estimates 5lbs/week as the average. My hope is that adding in the exercise, primarily spin and pilates at the gym with biking/running in the real world, will keep me at the upper end. We will see, and thanks for the well-wishes.

  3. Good luck man! Is it the zen calm helping you keep focused? Just watched Peaceful Warrior. Not the best movie, but had some great ideas about reaching tough goals that could def apply to bike training, or a shift in eating