Thursday, October 30, 2008

The test

Monday evening I decided to make a test-run on the ride I'll be doing when I decide to get of my lazy @$$ and get back to biking at least part of the way to work. It's a not overly special ride, a little more than 3 miles each way down a quick (speed limit 40 MPH) well-maintained artery of a road. This was my first ride in months on the Scwhinn and I felt it.

I've mentioned before how sore I get when I switch from one bike to another, mainly because I have a couple of different styles of bikes. My day-to-day commuter is an upright Schwinn that's older than me and almost as heavy. As happened the first time I rode it, I felt most of this trip in my quads. The other thing I noticed is that the new dress shoes I bought last week are very slick on the bottom. I did the ride in my work clothes because I will be doing it that way "for real". The slick shoes led to an odd foot position on the pedals  (all the way back so the heels caught on the back of the pedal) which will really screw me up when I ride clipless on the weekends.

All told it took me about a half an hour (including the pleasant visit with the other commuter I mentioned in my last post) to do the 6+ miles. It will feel great to be doing that on a daily basis again.

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