Monday, October 27, 2008

Post Bike-Theft Trauma

So my actual bike theft happened a while back - better part of two years I think - but that hasn't lessened my annoyance. It hasn't lessened the whiplash-inducing head wrench that I engage in every time someone goes by on an even remotely similar bike. I've now moved across the country, and I still spin my head.

Let me back up a little so this all makes sense. A few months after I moved to Baltimore (call it March of 2006) my Trek 930 Singletrack (green/black/green, outfitted as a commuter bike and tweaked over a year of travel back and forth across the Oakland hills) was stolen out of my pick-up. It was my own fault since a camper shell isn't all that protective, but I was still irked at whoever did it. I made a brief tour of the closer pawn shops just in case, but mountain bikes are popular transport for the unlicensed pharmaceutical industry in Baltimore so I didn't have much hope. From that point on I took a look at every bike I saw going by to see if it was mine. For as long as I've been a serious commuter I've had swivel-head for bikes passing me by. After my bike was stolen I became obsessed. Any mountain bike got scoped out, if it was green I would stare.

I've now moved from Baltimore to California, there is no way my bike made the same trip, but I still find myself hunting for it. That being the case I've decided that I'm suffering from the bike-theft equivalent of PTSD, I just need a better name for it. Any ideas?

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  1. Joel its been three weeks since mine was stolen. Its not even my good bike - but a solid reliable friend I've had for almost five years.

    I've been cruising up and down the street/neighborhood from where it was stolen hoping I might see it locked up or some punk riding it and chase him down, take it, or U-lock my bike to my stolen bike til the cops show up.

    I keep the serial number and photos on my phone so I can instantly prove its mine

    Maybe a long fantasy - but I keep some hope...

    All the best- and if you want to share in my lament...