Monday, October 13, 2008

Rediscovering the town I grew up in

As I mentioned before the blog went dark, I moved from Baltimore back to the SF Bay Area. Specifically, at least for now, to Concord, where I grew up. I biked around town as a kid, and to/from my dad's place to BART as an adult, but never really thought about how bike-friendly my on-again/off-again hometown is.

I haven't gotten out on a bike yet, too busy half-unpacking  (I will be staying with my dad until I find my own place) and the like. I have been driving around town, and saw a few things that I didn't expect. First - there are a whole lot of bike lanes. Even to the point of having a bike lane that has a right side paint line, to set the lane off from the on-street parking. Second - at the end of one of those fancy two-sides-painted lanes was a turn-lane sign indicating that cars must yield to bikes. Third - a number of intersections around town have the nifty little devices for bikes to trigger the traffic signals.

Like I said, I never really thought about my hometown as bike-friendly. I guess it's time to rethink things.

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