Monday, March 16, 2009

Training update

Last week there was a big jump in my training. As before (years before, the last time I lived in the Bay Area) it's easier for me to fit lots of miles in by commuting. Last week I did about 25 miles over two days, about an hour each day.

On the good side - the weather should make it easier for me to keep commuting by bike, and it shouldn't be too long until I can hit four or five days a week. My hope is that once I get up to that many miles in a week I'll be in better shape for weekend rides, and then I'll really be able to see what I can do.

On the bad side - in a couple of weeks my mom is coming home from the hospital and I'll be staying with her in case she needs any help. This means much less riding. Coming right at the start of my training this could be a problem.

Next week, or some time in the near future, I'm going to start adding weight info to my weekly training update. Honestly, I want to make sure that it's regularly going the right way first.

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