Monday, February 23, 2009

Training site prepared

So finally, after meaning to get at it for almost two months, I've taken the extreme step of getting ready for the LiveStrong ride by...

putting a bike in the trainer.

Yeah, I've been a wee bit lax in getting prepared, but since the ride isn't until July 12, so it's not like I have to be ready tomorrow.

This will be essentially the same set-up I used a whopping three times in Baltimore before the boredom drove me batty. There are a few things working in my favor this time:
  • Need - when I was in Baltimore I was training to train. Now I not only have the LiveStrong ride where I want to make a decent showing, but being in the Bay Area means that I have a number of cycling friends who aren't significantly overweight, which really tells in the climbs.
  • Desire - I'm making what will hopefully be the last attempt to get my weight back under control. I worked with a group in the area before I took a lot of weight off, and I plan to sign back up. Roughly put I've got about 75 pounds to peel, and it's going to take significant changes in food and exercise to get there.
  • Entertainment - the way I had things rigged up in Baltimore I think the bike/trainer was too close to my VCR/TV antenna, because when I would try to tape things the tapes came out sketchy. I'm not taping now and I'm on cable (for the moment) anyway. Also, I've recently found a couple of new series (Primeval being one) and with the bike at the window I'll be able to enjoy.
  • Removing tech - I've only got one computer and it's on my Trucker. I'll be training for the first few weeks at least purely on time in the saddle, and will be basing my training time on how sore my hind-parts are and whatever I have from Netflix.
As I move forward I'll be doing a weekly weight/training update, focused mainly on time spent per day. I hope to be commuting by bike again soon, and will be adding that info in as well. Oh, lastly, I'm a member of Team Fatty for the San Jose LiveStrong Challenge ride, and if you want to donate or just wish me well, follow this link.

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  1. Nice set up and I'm a fan of Fatty, so, Go Team Fatty! ;o)