Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something new

Two somethings actually. First, I'm making my first attempt to use pictures taken with a camera phone. Second - bike racks at a local hospital. Sure, that may not be new, but the racks at this hospital are fairly new.
I was over at a local hospital last weekend to see someone and noticed the bike cage in the new parking garage. The hospital (John Muir, Walnut Creek Campus) is doing a heap of renovation work and part of that was building a parking garage, and it's great to see the bike parking. When I was there on Sunday the cage was locked, but the presence of a lot of locks on the rack makes it clear that the cage gets used. I guess it's set up for staff and not visitors (but I also didn't ask anyone about access).
One thing that makes the really great (in my mind) is that the hospital sits right next to the Ygnacio Canal MUP, which means there's easy access to some off-street biking. Great to see this sort of thing being included in new developments.

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