Thursday, February 19, 2009

San Diego cyclists

I'm in San Diego for the week for a work thing, and have been both excited and disappointed by the cycling that I've seen. I've seen heaps of commuters, walking between my hotel and the hotel where the conference is, and last night hitched a ride with a new (10 days) pedicab "driver" who was absolutely ecstatic about his job. From what I can see there's decent infrastructure in place for cyclists, including decent bike lanes and some nice MUPs with some separated areas (tagged for bikes to go on a specific route). Oh, and bike lanes that apparently allow planes. Nice.

So why am I disappointed about San Diego cycling? Because I'm not doing any of it. I still haven't gotten a case for my LHT (which has the S&S setup to let me pack it) and the one time I've tried to pack it with a rented case I couldn't figure it out (the rear deraileur was to long). So I'm walking and looking at all these lovely cyclists riding through perfect weather, without being able to participate.

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