Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A ride to work (sort of)

"Sort of" to work, I mean, not a sort of ride. Most of this week I'm in training away from the office. The training is a couple of miles from the closest BART station and makes it a perfect ride. The area of Dublin where the training is has a lot of new development, including new wide roads with nice new bike lanes.

There were a couple of downsides, which go more to show how long it's been since I did a bike commute than anything else:
  • The stairs - the BART platforms are raised, somewhere between two and three stories high. My bike is a tank (and I love it) and hauling it up all those stairs was a little rough.
  • The climbs - the office we're meeting in is up a mild slope. I have said before (and will say again) that I hate gentle slopes because I always think I can take them in a manly gear and then bonk about halfway up. To some extent this, is mitigated by using the Schwinn since it's only a three-speed, but still.
  • The weather - not a big deal, but it was five-ten degrees cooler when I got off the BART train in Dublin than it was in San Leandro when I left. Nothing significant, just surprisingly chilly.
All that aside, I'm glad to be on the bike for the week.

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