Monday, January 5, 2009

Back in the Saddle (almost)

I'm moved into my new place and have gotten about half settled in (what I have is settled, now I need furniture). Hopefully this afternoon I'll get the trainer unpacked and start some light riding again. I have figured out where I'll be training - in the nice, mostly enclosed rear patio.

My patio - full of greeny-goodness

The patio opens off the downstairs den, and I think will be the perfect midline between being outside and protected from the cold. And before any of you start giving me grief about the "cold" in California, it has been sub-freezing here in the evenings (when I'll be training) for the last few weeks. I have a utility room I could train in if it gets too cold, but prefer the openness of the patio.

(See, it does get cold in CA)

I've tried trainer riding once before, last winter in Baltimore, and it was a disaster. I did two days (I think) and just couldn't do any more. It bored me to tears. This year I have a few motivators which I hope will keep me at it:
  • Being back in the Bay Area and near a largish group of cycling friends I have to be able to keep up with
  • The Oakland Hills rides I loved a few years ago, which would demolish me and my pride should I attempt the climbs in my current sorry state of health
  • The LiveStrong ride I've registered for and must complete
  • Being in a place where there are S24O options in every direction
Like I said, I hope these will keep me slogging away on the trainer, but I honestly don't know.

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  1. Good luck on that trainer and remember your motivation. And, really, cold in California? Who'd have thunk it... :o)

    Happy New Year, Happy Trails!
    Ride One or Ride None!