Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random bike-spotting (1 in a series)

For me, the best way to judge how well biking has moved into the mainstream is the appearance of bike-related content in non-bike area of the media. I'm going to start documenting this when I see it, and hopefully it will get to a point where there is too much to cover, and then we will have taken over the world and all will be good.

Today's post is going to be light because I want to set out the goal of this series. Every now and then I've been doing something random, like watching TV with my dad, and I'll see a bike or cyclist in a shot where there isn't any reason for a bike there. What I mean the bike isn't the focus, it's just there because someone thought it would be natural for there to be a bike. That, or I'll see a news report about someone from a random walk of life and there will be an innocuous mention of cycling, just because. Again, the article isn't about the person being a cyclist, but the riding flows in naturally.

Those are the types of things I want to start documenting. To me, that sort of ubiquitousness of cycling shows that the "cycling lifestyle" is drifting into mainstream culture, which is my big hope.

Today I'll start with some levity from the folks at Indexed:

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