Monday, November 10, 2008

A disappointing ride

Sunday was a perfect afternoon for a ride - mid 60s, light breeze, sunny - but I just couldn't do anything with it. I attempted a ride that I used to do regularly with almost no problem, and died at the very beginning. I knew that I hadn't been riding much, let alone climbing, but I had no idea that I was that shot.

A short distance from my dad's place is a decent hill - Ygnacio Valley Rd - and I had planned to head over it to where the Contra Costa Canal Trail (Ygnacio Valley Trail) crossed, and head along the trail for a little while before heading home. That was the plan, but the reality is that I got about 1/2 up the slope leading to YV Rd and my legs died. I pulled a U-turn and headed along the same route I took two weeks ago.

It is very emasculating to realize that rides that were simple only a few years ago are completely out of my reach. I will be riding a lot more often now to try and rebuild that capacity.

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  1. I'm a new reader to your blog, but have loved the few articles that I've read here today. Good stuff!