Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cameras and bikes

A little while back I posted about using a mini tripod on my handlebars for taking pictures while riding. I used it to shoot a Sunday drive style ride, but the goal is to figure out the best way to carry a camera on a tour to get shots without having to stop and dig the camera out. Shortly after that post I came across this one from Bike Hacks, a great collection of commercial and home-brew camera mounting options.

Another option that I'm beginning to think about, especially if I can resolve the remote issue I mentioned before, is hooking the camera to the front end of my front rack. I purchased a set of Nice Racks, which have platforms on both the front and rear racks. The racks are about the same width as my camera and it shouldn't take much to rig something up to hold it. Obviously, that set-up requires 1) 2 cameras - one in front for the road and one in back for the other people on the tour; and 2) cameras with remotes. It's certainly something I want to look into.

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