Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Downsides to cycling in kit

I've mentioned before that I don't commute in a lot of bike-specific clothing. That has shifted a little as I have gone to the Trucker as my commuter of choice. I've had to go back to bike shorts (mountain shorts with a removable liner - keep me from looking to Fred) and wearing gloves.

The shorts are a necessity, not for comfort (Brooks B17, is there anything better?), but because the leather of the saddle was coloring my normal shorts. (Note - no lesser an authority than Sheldon Brown indicates that the reason cycling shorts are black has to do with leather saddles - 2/3 down, "Breaking in a leather saddle"). That means I'm back to having to remember all of the necessary underthings for when I change.

The gloves are more about comfort than the shorts. The bar tape is soft and padded and undoubtedly will be great when I start touring, but it can also be a little gummy in the humidity. Wearing gloves helps avoid this. The biggest problem with that is I end up with glove-funky hands, which for some reason even repeated washing doesn't seem to ease. Guess it's a good thing very few people come to visit me.

A final, not overly related issue with wearing cycling-specific clothes comes at the end of the work day. I hit leaving time and want to just go. I'm so brain-burned that even the effort of changing seems like more of a hassle than it's worth. Yeah, too lazy to change but looking forward to a ride home, how addicted am I?

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