Friday, September 5, 2008

Another bike quote

This one, from the great Elden "Fatty" Nelson, is specifically bike-related (not like the previous, political, one) and is a little too close to home:
I was training very seriously, and was trying to get down to racing weight (i.e., the weight at which my knees no longer squoosh into my belly on the upstroke).
Ah, how well I know that feeling. In fact, one of the things I love about my Schwinn commuter is that the upright posture of it completely prevents the squooshing from happening. The last week plus that I've been doing the commute on the Trucker have forced me to acknowledge that the belly is still there, no matter how much I avoid looking at it.

Thank you Fatty, for giving me a great new term for the unpleasant (and occasionally painful) impact of knee to gut when riding in the drops, as well as a way to use "racing weight" without making myself laugh.

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