Thursday, August 7, 2008

Too short

One of the problems I've been dealing with commuting in Baltimore is recovery - my legs always feel lethargic and stiff. Stretching helps a little (side not - I have crazy-tight leg muscles, so stretching is an almost lost cause at the best of times), soaking helps a little, skipping a day or two helps a little, but I never really feel good. This is a change from CA, where I would do a 20 mile trip home and be up at 4:00 the next morning and feel great. Today I figured it out - my commute is too short.

My ride is a hair over 1.5 miles each way (when I map the loop is reads as 3.2). By the time I'm getting to work my legs are starting to feel warmed up. The ride home ends with a decent climb (a few blocks at a good grade, but keep in mind I'm on a flatland three-speed) so I get home and feel pretty wiped. I think I'm going to get my rollers out and start doing some time on the rollers in the back yard when I get home, maybe 10 minutes in a low gear, and see if that helps.

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