Monday, August 18, 2008

Gas tank doors

Today on my way in to work I was waiting for a light and noticed that the Jeep (Cherokee I think) next to me had its gas tank door open. I was tempted (as I always am when I see them open) to lean over and flip it closed. I can only imagine the negative repercussions that an action like that would have in a city like Baltimore. It did get me thinking about all the little things that are easily noticed on a bike, especially the ones that I want to do something about.

The obvious first is crap on the road. I know some other bloggers (and I'm too lazy to look for examples) as well as at least one thread on BikeForums have gone so far as to start listing the interesting items they see on the road, but I'm talking more about the just random garbage. The one type of item that always leaves me scratching my head is clothing. Jeans seem to be the most common around here, along with single shoes.

One thing I notice (which may be part of the reason I'm such a non-fan of Baltimore) is architecture. Not in a technical, expert way, but just in the look and "feel" of buildings as I roll past. I see so many places on my short (3.5 mi) commute that are great looking but have been left to rot and it frustrates me.

There are other, and as I said, many other blogs discussing the same.

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  1. Oddly, I mostly see gloves and underwear. Granted, I ride where there are a lot of cyclists and maintenance workers, but I've seen four gloves in one day. No explanation for the undies though.

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