Sunday, August 3, 2008

Appropriate bike use

I'm not an anti-car, bike only person. I have a nice little pick-up that I use and enjoy driving, and back in CA I have an old (1960) Toyota Landcruiser that is waiting for me to have the space to finish working on it. At that point I will have two functional vehicles for one person, and yes, I do plan on keeping both. That is because I see both having specific uses. I'm a "place for everything" kind of guy. I don't keep a lot of stuff that doesn't have a purpose. I firmly believe in taking short trips, including commuting and shopping, by bike. I chose my current job and home because of the potential for bike commuting (the routes aren't great but it's only 1.5 miles) and I will continue to do so. There's a grocery store within 2 miles, and I firmly support the 2 Mile Challenge both in the specifics as set by Clif Bar and in theory. Bikes for short distances, the truck for longer ones, just makes sense to me.

And then there's this:

(What makes this even more fun for me is that I saw the pic on Holy Taco - hardly an eco/bike type website...)

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