Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Selecting rain gear

I am not creative or funny enough to write a decent 4/1 post, so instead I'm going to gripe about my rain gear.

I will admit that I am a mostly fair-weather commuter. I don't mind the cold or heat and snow is fun (excluding icy roads, more out of fear of the cars than anything I might do) but I rarely bike in serious rain on purpose. I've done it before, usually on the way home from work, but not often. Today though I didn't really have a choice.

I am trying to jump start my training, since I have a triathlon at the end of the month. On top of that, I have a class tonight at Hopkins so driving would have meant $18.00 in parking charges, and I have to stop by a friend's house to look in on her cat. All in all, cycling is the easiest way to take care of all of this.

It's not raining too heavily, so there really isn't a good reason to wimp out. It is raining enough that I didn't want to wear my work clothes (which I normally commute in) because I would have been wet most of the day. I decided to grab my camping rain gear - pants and a jacket.

They work great, not a drop of rain on me. Unfortunately, they don't breathe, so I made up for the rain by sweating. It just shows that you really need to think about exertion and use when getting rain gear. Thankfully, my commute is so short that it really doesn't matter.

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