Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random thoughts

The weather seems to be getting a little nicer and I'm back in Baltimore. A mixed bag. Last week I was in Portland for work. My first time there and it was great. I have to take back most of the snarky thoughts I've had every time I see another "Portland = cyclist heaven" article or post. I don't think I've seen that many people on bikes outside of an organized ride before. An interesting mix of kitted out "racers" (a group of three went past me one afternoon) and more normal looking commuters/utility riders. I also had a chance to watch the road crew painting a crosswalk and section of bike lane green, part of a new campaign there. It wasn't the section from the article, but looked the same when they were done.

That's about it. I'm back to semi-regularly commuting. I'll only get in two days this week by bike because of distant meetings on Mon and Thurs and a need to boogie right after work on Fri to get out to Mt. Airy and check out the build on the Trucker. It should be just about done by now and I can't wait.

Pictures from Portland later today.

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