Monday, February 11, 2008

Commute 2/11/08

Time of departure: 7:50
Temperature: 15 (24MPH wind)

Wow, it was COLD this morning. I didn't realize just how cold until I got to work and plugged the info into the wind chill calculator and it gave me a -2F. No wonder my jawbone hurt on the downhill.

Freezing and all it felt great to actually be on the bike again. What felt less great is the realization that I may only be able to ride one more day this week. Tuesday I have meetings and a class, Wednesday I have a different class (Park Tool School, finally learning a little more in depth how to work on the bikes) and Friday I'm going out after work and have to be able to pick a friend up.

Hopefully I'll be able to ride Thursday, but the back of my brain keeps telling me I have a meeting of some kind, even if the calendar doesn't.

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