Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday weigh-in: Week 6

I'm traveling again, so the weigh-in this week will be mostly historical data. First, the graph.

My biggest issue is the grand flatness that is emerging. I've plateaued pretty badly, and it's my own fault. I've been lax with following the fast - basically I've had a number of days where I didn't have the correct number of supplements leading to extreme hunger at the end of the day, leading to me eating. I also haven't been at all diligent with exercising, so the excess intake from eating actual food isn't offset by increased burning.

All that being said, I've gotten back into the swing of the fast, before I left for my trip I got rid of the last remaining food components (things like peanut butter), and have some definite plans for exercising. The downside is that this week and next week involve a lot of travel, so my hope to begin biking to/from work a few days a week will be disrupted. On the upside, the hotel I'm in now has a nice gym and since I don't have to worry about getting dinner I'll have plenty of time tonight to "enjoy" it.

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  1. good you're back at it now. well done. i'm coming up in 2 weeks, so let's try to hang - though i'm mostly gonna be in tahoe. we can NOT grab dinner together, haha.