Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obligatory le Tour post

So it should come as no shock, but I'm not going to post about the Tour. This is for one major and a few minor reasons. The major one? No cable. I'm sure that with very little work I could find somewhere online to watch it, but that leads into one of the minor points. I will freely admit to being a bandwagon fan of the Tour. I watched (along with 95% of Americans who paid any attention) to see how long Lance could keep winning. I don't normally follow racing, and outside of the fantastic updates from the Fredcast and Spoksemen podcasts I don't know anything about it. Any posts I did write would be uninformed and pretty much just opinion or BikeSnobNYC-style snark, but not as funny. The last of the minor reasons is that there are bloggers out there who know what they're talking about and give great info about the Tour, so check them out. If I was trying to follow it I'd probably start with Tim Jackson, at the least I know he's been doing daily updates.

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