Thursday, July 24, 2008

It happens to everyone

Having your bike stolen really bites. I had my super-solid Trek 930 commuter bike stolen from my pick-up because I figured it was secure enough under the locked camper shell. Today I saw this - the British Conservative Party leader David Cameron had his bike stolen when he headed into a grocery store to pick up some food. From the article it sounds like he had locked up, but to a post that was short enough for the thief to just lift the bike off. I've heard of this happening to people when they lock up to gumball machine style parking meters as well.

A couple of interesting things for me in this. The first is that this serves as yet another reminder that locking up right is always important. The second appeals to the libertarian in me and involves the nearly ubiquitous CCTV cameras that the UK is known for:
Asked if there was CCTV in the area, (a police spokesman) said: "That's not something we would discuss on the theft of a bike."

So they won't even look at the cameras (if there were any there)? One more reason for me to dislike 'em.

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