Sunday, March 23, 2008

Touring build update

A week or so back I went back out to Mt. Airy to pick up my LHT, now with the S&S Couplers installed. The guys at Mt. Airy sent it up to Bilenky to have the work done, and because of when it got shipped (a couple of days before NAHBS) it got to Philly without a name attached. The end result was that it was done and sitting in the Bileny shop for about a week, when I emailed Larry to ask for an update and he was able to bring it home.

The next step is for me to go back out to Mt. Airy with a parts list (I emailed it out to them last week) to finalize the parts and put the orders in. Once the parts are ordered it will just be a matter of waiting for them to come in and then I'll have a working bike.

If I get super lucky I'll have the rig for a trip to Portland in a couple of weeks. If not, I hope to have it for my triathlon in LA at the end of April.

Also, I now have a fairly large bruise on my upper left arm - the result of the slo-mo dooring I had last week. It's about the same size around as 2 water bottle tops side-by-side, and is mainly yellow. Guess it's a result of being pretty deep into the arm. It's only tender if I press right in the middle of it, which is a good sign I guess.

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