Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Getting doored in slow motion

- or - A reminder that momentum is a combination of speed and MASS.

I am a clyde. Unloaded, without my tank of a bike I'm over 250, so when you add in the bike and my junk for commuting I've got a good bit of mass. Last night on my way home from work it caught up with my when I got doored in slow motion.

I was riding past the strip club district in Baltimore (behind police HQ if anyone is looking) and, as usual, traffic was backed up. So, as usual, I slid along between the parked cars and the traffic lane. I slow way down when I do this, and was riding with my right foot off the pedal in case I needed to put it down to stop. Unexpectedly, a woman decided to get out of the passenger side of one of the cars in traffic. She didn't fling the door open, but opened it slowly and I though I had room. Essentially what happened is she just kept opening it and stuck my bicep with the corner of the door.

It was slow, and I was moving pretty slowly, but wow did it hurt. Still does in fact. I imagine in a day or so there will be a nice bruise, but for now I just have a still left bicep as a reminder that (especially in Baltimore) I need to pay close attention to the cars that shouldn't be doing anything odd.

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