Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday weigh-in: Week 12

I am a giant ball of muscle pain.

Monday I started a new workout routine, pinched from an old issue of Outside (I don't know which, except that it was in 2008). I had pulled the article out, probably because it's a triathlon-specific program, and stuck it in a pile of papers. I found it again about a week ago and decided to jump in. It's a 12-week program, with swim/bike/run and gym workouts. I'm two days into it and ... ow.

I'll add the screen-cap from Active Body (where I track my workouts) in a week or so, when there are enough of them to make sense of the pattern. For now, the weight loss graph.

1 - Last 30 days

The good news is that the weight keeps going down, and I seem to be getting back up to speed. I'm now down 32 pounds, and have cracked the 25-pound barrier with the Physics Diet calculated average.
2 - Total progress

A funny/sad side note on my fitness. I've been tracking both my weight and body fat % with Physics Diet, and while my body fat % hasn't changed much (which should shift with the workout routine being added) my BMI just seemed off. I knew I was fat, but I was coming in with a BMI of ~ 57, which as I understand it is essentially "Why Aren't You Dead?" level. Then I took another look at my profile and realized that I had listed myself as 5'0" instead of 5'10", oops. Added the "1" in and my BMI plummeted to 37, not a bad change in less than thirty seconds.

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