Monday, December 10, 2007

Commuting again

The last three weeks have been sparse for riding. Too many commitments away from work to commute by bike, time off for Thanksgiving, a friend from college get the picture. On top of that I haven't ridden for three weekends because of Thanksgiving, the friend, and a house party this past weekend. Added up, it has been far too long and I was glad to be back on the Schwinn this morning.

I had a meeting in the afternoon, but the state health department is only 1.3 miles from my office and a friend lives right next to it, making it easier to bike and park the bike than drive. Total distance today was about five and a half miles and it was chilly (visible breath) but not too cold. I was glad to get home and get the pea coat off. I did have to spend a few minutes in the garage before heading home to strip and rewire one of the wires for the taillight, which had come disconnected. The way the lights work with the hub generator there is a little leeway in the front light to handle running without a taillight, meant to tide you over if the bulb blows, but I didn't want to chance it. Before I go to sleep tonight I'll have to wrap it with duct tape since I don't have anymore heat shrink tubing for it.

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